Thursday, June 10, 2010


After nine tours in Iraq, three in Afghanistan, 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina I thought I knew PTSD. I've suffered bouts of it. It wasn't so obvious to me, but to others who would recommend I get help. But NOW I know I have it and it sucks. Nightmares, sweats, constant anxiety and depression. I dreamed the other night I couldn't get off a bus because I'd forgotten my leg. That's the dream I remember. The others are tearing me up inside. I wake up every morning wanting to vomit.

I have amnesia about my bombing (thankfully) but maybe somewhere deep inside I AM remembering.

I'd give just about anything for a night of restful sleep. So would most of the soldiers and Marines here.


Emmy said...

I'm sure its hard to write about all this, but I have to say thank you, for giving us a glimpse into what you have all gone through for us and our country. If only more people knew about this, then we would be even more supportive of our troops.

Marianne said...

Sorry, Moonpie. Wish I could help.

Alex said...


Can you coax the local troops into having you tell more of their stories
as well as yours ? Thanks for your blog. We will continue to follow it.