Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's raining in Baghdad

That means lakes form everywhere, on streets, in parking lots, and in the fields. There is nowhere for water to go. No soil to absorb it. It just sits there waiting for a string of dry days to evaporate it. Flying over Baghdad you can see entire neighborhoods submerged.

Borkon ate his new collar. He also ate his plastic dish. I think he was bored from being locked up in his hooch due to the weather and a number of Iraqi men working on the grounds.

One of his fighting positions is now so deep Lucy, our small puppy, fell in yesterday.


Susannah1214 said...

What kind of dog is Lucy?

Moonpie said...

Lucy is a little German Shepherd. I will take a photo of her soon. She's very cute, probably only a couple of months old.