Friday, February 9, 2007

Hunting GMCs and snipers

Out with Team Extreme yesterday we passed a brand new GMC parked outside a police checkpoint. After the events of Karbala, where U.S. soldiers were attacked by gunmen in just such vehicles, we zipped back around to find out more about the driver. Turns out he was an Iraqi police Captain.

But the U.S. Colonel I was travelling with said, "I don't like f*@^cking GMCs".

Then an Iraqi police checkpoint called in for assistance. They were coming under fire. The American soldiers rushed to the area, and led the Iraqis through a Sunni area where they wouldn't travel alone. We never saw the sniper, though more shots were fired and many of the homes were pock-marked by bullets and vacant.

The Iraqis, at one point, claimed they spotted him from their armored vehicle. But they wouldn't get out and give chase on foot. He got away.

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