Thursday, July 29, 2010

We're not handicapped

A couple of soldiers and I were talking about the horrors of airport security. One said at DC's National airport they have a new machine that requires you to twist and turn your prosthetic leg so they can get a better look. They may think its better than asking us to take our legs off but this particular soldier had a broken hip so all the twisting gave him a lot of pain. He begged them to let him remove it so they could inspect it. But that might scare the other passengers!

In all fairness, the man behind him in line was muttering under his breath about how unfair this was to a Wounded Warrier.

I dread my first encounter with TSA. My liners and socket are so thick I'd have to take my pants off to remove my leg. Also, I have steel in both arms, both legs and my the wanding should be a hoot.

I was complaining about the drawbacks of being newly handicapped when one of the soldiers said, "we're not handicapped we're mal-functioning."

I like that.

Btw, Happy 20th ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).


stephanie said...

And really, aren't we mostly all, in a way, malfunctioning?

Oldfool said...

It's not "handicapped" it's "augmented to prevent being handicapped". It's too bad that there isn't a way to augment the human brain. There are some truly handicapped individuals in public service that are in need of augmentation.

Moonpie said...

yes, tis true. I plan to also volunteer for a "disabilities" group to help pound some sense into those individuals in public service.

If you have netflix, put The Music Within in your Que.

Oldfool said...

There is a trailer for "The Music Within" on youtube. I am checking with the library now to see if they have it.