Thursday, June 17, 2010


Woke up from a nightmare. Dreamed I was a double. Sweating, heart racing, stomach churning.


GatorGirl said...

I had a dream about you last night--you and I walked up to a group of people at an outdoor bar/restaurant here in NOLA and "Judi-Ann" was sitting at the table. I reintroduced you guys, and realized that you already knew each other. You were walking just fine and looked great. Judi had no clue in my dream that you were ever in an accident. With that said, I've had you on my mind all day!

fifi mahoney said...

You know we always dream about our worst fears. Those things we are afraid to bring out in the open during the day, haunt us at night. Frightening...yes....but truly you have already endured and overcome most people's worst nightmare.