Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food for champions

I rarely eat at Mologne House. I have wonderful friends who know that the best medicine is good food and they bring me fresh treats. Not everyone here is so lucky apparently. They talked tonight about the "hamburger patties" swimming in water before someone tosses it on a stale, hard bun and hands it over with a side of brown lettuce. Yummy! Want a pickle with that?

That got the soldiers talking about MREs....the military's way of torturing its soldiers and Marines. The smell of preservatives so strong you have to close your eyes to take a bite of the mystery meat.

Having said this, none of us is under-weight. Those who have cars hit Mickey Ds. Some soldiers survive on Kit Kat bars. And almost all of us are now addicted to sugary drinks (before I was blown up I would never touch one) and put on lots of extra pounds by pounding them down non-stop.

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