Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Gen. Petraeus was approved today by the Senate Armed Services Committee (nice pick, Obama) and was grilled on timelines, etc. Snore. We all know the date to begin withdrawing troops was never anything more than Obama trying to appease the public and when he said it would be dictated by events on the ground well, duh. The media just loves this. They won't let it go. Even Obama said too much is being made of this and he created this shit-storm.

The only issue the soldiers and Marines here care about is "Rules of Engagement". You know how when some guy is shooting at you and you can't shoot back because he's firing at you from a HOME with CHILDREN inside? So you're supposed to just lay down and die because you're American and have a soul. And then the enemy forces start firing at you from mosques, homes and playgrounds because they realize you can't shoot back??? And they're thinking "Yippee! We're so smart and they're so STUPID!!!"

Petraeus said he would take a hard look at the issue. He'd better. The only thing worse than having Congress and the American public in your face is having your own soldiers despise you.

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