Wednesday, June 9, 2010

7 a.m.

A young soldier traps me in the smoking tent, grilling me about my back (broken). His, too, was badly injured and he wants to know when it will stop hurting. He asked me why his pain meds weren't working. I told him different drugs work for different people but bottom line: get the f*ck off them.

He's a newbie, fresh from hospital (on his first day pass), and full of questions.

His company of 100 men was stationed near Kandahar. 20 of them are either here now, on their way, or dead.

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jandean said...

These latest posts are hard to read, and make me hella sad. But I thank you for keeping it real. I'm not hearing it like this anywhere else.
Your honesty and extraordinary personal strength touch me, and many others I am sure.