Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What the docs don't seem to know

The docs seem surprised by my withdrawal symptoms from Lyrica. The soldiers are not. Three of them have described symptoms similar to mine and the awful loneliness in trying to stop. No appetite. Constant trips to the bathroom. Insomnia. Anxiety. Depression. Constant pain. Night sweats and chills. Weeks of it.

One of them was just taken off it while an inpatient at Bethesda. One of the sweetest boys I've ever met, he was embarrassed because he'd been so "irritable toward the nurses".

I went to a psychiatrist yesterday. He wouldn't give me anything for the anxiety and actually suggested I take a Lyrica capsule. Why would I do that when I've suffered so much already? He reminded me again of why we all feel so isolated and helpless. No one, not even the doctors, truly gets it. This same doc said to me "of course, I've never taken Lyrica..."

Of course you haven't. And that's why you're so irresponsible in prescribing it so freely. What do you care that we'll suffer quietly and alone in our rooms later?

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GatorGirl said...

I am so surprised that someone, somewhere has not done a study about the issues you are experiencing the doctors are ignorant about...go figure.

This too will pass...