Thursday, April 22, 2010

You're old and your bones aren't growing

My surgeon told me today that the bones in my right foot are weanies. Partly due to my age, partly due to not using the foot, and partly due to getting blown up in Afghanistan. They're just these tiny things that aren't strong and healthy.

I've been put on a mega dose of Vitamin D, extra calcium (ice cream?) and ordered to lose my boot!


That's my security blankie!

I'm to use my FOOT. My BARE foot. And walk on it without wearing a shoe on the prosthetic foot, either. Doc Gordan did advise I should have someone around. But as that's not possible, I'll just try it in baby steps.

Grow bone grow! And don't break if I fall!


Pull Up A Chair said...

Hang in there. After reading this, I feel guilty because I complain because of my really bad knees which hurt like hell whenever I stand.


GatorGirl said...

Do whatever it takes to get your strength back in that foot! If ice cream will help build bone, then ice cream it is....

And remember, we are growning old with you!

Tamsin said...

Scary thought, walking on your bare foot.. be careful and enjoy the ice cream.

Moonpie said...

Walking on this foot, just using it to transfer, is like standing on a lopsided tiny scateboard