Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've written about this before. Getting off meds SUCKS. But I am now two nights without Methadone. That's a huge victory for me. I've been on Methadone since my arrival here at Walter Reed eight months ago. My first attempts were failures because the night sweats and chills were overwhelming, almost as much as the dark moods that came over me. So I took it slow, using a pill splitter and getting down to such a low dose that when it came time to quit it wasn't so jarring to my system.

One med down, only seven more to go.


Oldfool said...

I take to drugs rather easily. Getting off them is hard and I have never found an easy way. I thought speed was hard until I got off tobacco. That is not over until you die.
All I can offer is more teeth gritting.
Hang in there.

Marianne said...

You've convinced me that you can accomplish any damn thing you want to!

Marilyn LeBlanc said...

I can empathize..the only way to do it is was great to hear you on the air today..your pipes have been missed..

Don said...

Hang in there. Quitting cigs was the hardest for me. I found each time I wanted one I wanted it just as badly, for years, but those cravings got farther and farther apart. Minutes, days, weeks, months.