Saturday, February 27, 2010

When bone growth is good...or bad

I am having surgery in March to get rid of some extra bone growth in my left arm. It's a new bone my body has decided to grow...connecting the two normal bones in my arm. It's called H-O. We're gonna have to saw it out of there, avoiding numerous tendons and nerves. Complicated, but the techs are building a 3-D model to guide the surgeon.

Everyone here hates H-O...unless H-O helps.

I found out Friday some of the bones haven't fused in my amputated left leg. That sucks. I don't know yet how serious it is. We couldn't reach the surgeon. My physical therapist did tell me while the normal bones hadn't fused, some HO was growing there...and THAT is good H-O.

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GatorGirl said...

When is surgery? This is the first I heard of this...