Saturday, February 27, 2010

Health and Welfare

At Mologne House, the above (health and welfare) entails a visit from an FBI agent, with a drug-sniffing dog, who pounds on your door so loudly that it would wake the dead. It is Saturday morning, so the pounding woke up more than a few soldiers.

The team comes in to your room, searches for drugs and booze and, in my case, were ushered right back out as I am not military and the intrusion was an invasion of privacy.

The mission was not without casualties. One of those damned heavy room doors slammed shut on the pup's tail, breaking it. It bled profusely.

Before his injury, the dog uncovered a half bottle of booze in someone's room...and that was that. Considering there is a bar downstairs, busting a soldier for a half bottle of booze seems pretty lame. But that's just my opinion. I don't have to account for their PTSD.

Basically, we're a boring crowd at Mologne House at the moment. Most of us too intent on getting OFF our meds rather than buying "illicit" drugs elsewhere. And a half a bottle of booze sometimes helps.

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