Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The snow is piling up, and the winds are howling. I wish the winds would blow the snow somewhere else.

I worry about Psycho Squirrel in the Magnolia outside my window. It was quite a nest he made but its not likely to withstand these winds. He worked so frantically, pulling down several branches in the process.

Things are quiet downstairs. The cafeteria is starting to run out of supplies. There were no pots of coffee this morning, only the awful machine that dispenses a cup at a time. The paper cups themselves are running low. There was no butter for the biscuits. The staff is growing tired of staying overnight.

Hardly seems worth complaining about but there's nothing else to do.

I am having what feels like fevers, due to reducing my medicine I hope and not something else.

There is nowhere to gather today to talk to anyone else. The sidewalks haven't been shoveled. Five minutes outside and you're drenched. I'm sitting in my room listening to the soldier in the electric wheelchair, in the room above me, whiz back and forth and back and forth..

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