Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow days

The problem with snow days is the cabin fever, which sets in real quick if you live at Mologne House. Part of the worry is also that something will happen medically, and you may need a doc...tho I've just learned my brilliant surgeon is sleeping in the hospital tonight because he's on call. That will have US sleeping better anyway.

Some of us also had to fit a week's worth of PT into one tiny session. In my case, it lasted more than 3 hours today. It was difficult standing at first because I'd been in the chair for three days. But once I got working with a therapist things got better quickly.

We've just heard two special soldiers are in a ward at the hospital with cancer...there's a lot of speculation it had something to do with their deployment in Afghanistan. And an explosion.

J and I ate some of the food friends brought us for Super Bowl Sunday. Also got another friendly visit from a Pentagon friend.

Now, we're just waiting for round two of the snow. The washers and dryers are full on floor three. Some people are watching the clock wondering when the cafeteria will re-open. I'm watching the tree limbs outside, betting on when more will snap off.

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