Sunday, February 25, 2007

Borkon, aka The Tasmanian Devil

World Wrestling Museum Definition:
"Dusty Finish" occurs when a match is called by a second referee coming into the ring to make the three count and declare a winner after the original referee has been knocked out. The original referee then wakes up and reverses that decision.

Today as I was walking Borkon, I was approached by a burly, handsome South African bodyguard, toting a big gun. He was with several other men, also armed, who had their hands on their weapons as they watched us.

I didn't hear him, but my Iraqi guard had quietly made his way over and was now standing behind me with his AK47.

The South African was very friendly, he just wanted to talk about the dog and asked if I was a dog trainer? I don't know why he asked this as Borkon was alternately trying out his WWF imitation on me and eating my sleeve.

With one eye, the South African watched my guard.

My guard watched him.

The other men watched my guard.

My guard inched a little further behind me.

There are so many guns in this country they're becoming almost obsolete. If you're both armed and waiting for the other guy to pull his first, aren't you still both dead?

And being the ones in the middle, wouldn't Borkon and I, the innocent by-standers, have been the first to hit the mat, so to speak?

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