Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More photos from Diyala Province (Click on any of these photos to enlarge)

On foot patrol with Iraqi soldiers in Buritz. Once they passed those barriers on the left, they were entering sniper territory and they stayed close behind the humvee (and a nearby Bradley).

The Bradley. You can probably tell by this photo which direction the sniper shoots from.

Eventually they make a run for it, with some heavily armed Americans backing them up.

An Iraqi soldier finds a brand new army uniform, and boots, in a house he's just searched. He threw them in the backseat of his humvee. I asked him if a soldier might live in the house and he answered, "No. Ali Babba (thief)".

An Iraqi commander asks a woman for information on "bad guys". A U.S. soldier with him also urges him to tell her, "we're here to stay".

The four little girls are given teddy bears by the soldiers.

Koom by yah night (see older posts for this story). The photo quality is a little better if you click on it to enlarge.

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