Sunday, January 21, 2007

The border with Iran

I just traveled to the Iraqi border with Iran. There were four explosions within an hour on the Iranian side. We weren't sure what they were.

The Iraqis are all in new uniforms, but have no place to sleep except battered modular housing that has been there for some time. They have no heating, and no fuel (ironically) for their generators.

Corruption, according to U.S. soldiers there with them, is one of the main problems. But the Americans are sticking around to keep an eye on things. The General says more emphasis is being placed on the borders now by the U.S. AND the Iraqis.

The helicopter ride was horrifying. High winds and dust storms. The crew passed out air sickness bags. A lovely captain asked me if I was going to hurl. Luckily I'm not prone to that but I did abuse him, phsyically, because he was foolish enough to sit next to me. I have a habit of ripping men's shirt sleeves off, etc., during turbulence.

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