Saturday, January 20, 2007

Barkon and Flo update

The two Dobies are happier these days. It has been warm and sunny, so they've been tied to posts across from their hooch, rather than inside it.

We went for a long walk, accompanied by one of our armed men. They were the happiest two dogs on planet Earth for that one hour. Flo was very obedient with her man handler and when Barkon tried to play with her, she shrugged him off rather than trying to bite his head off.

It turns out she is a very loving dog, at least to humans who show her the least bit of care, but she has a very intimidating look. The Iraqis won't go near her. She's big, burly, and dirty. And she's a Doberman who likes to show her fangs.

Barkon has taught her to jump me. The two of them get a real kick out of that. But whereas he weighs all of 50 pounds, she must be closer to 100. It's like being tackled by a linebacker. You feel the paws hit your back at the same time you both hit the ground.

They had chicken yesterday, their hooch has been swept up, and their lambs wool bedding laid back down for them (although covered in mud), and remarkably the electrical wiring dotting their territory appears to have been capped. But I think on rainy days, we'll still skip the walks.

The new collars K and I found fit them beautifully.

The boys of Camp Falcon offered to take Barkon as a bomb sniffer but I think they were just being polite. They also worried about the wild dogs in THEIR neighborhood having him for dinner.

So I'm still searching for Barkon's safe haven...

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