Sunday, December 17, 2006

From New Orleans

It doesn't seem like anyone has a sense of humor left. The mules that pull the carriages around the French Quarter aren't even wearing Santa hats this year. Only a very few folks are pretending they're in a holiday mood, and that's only for the tourists.

Last year there were holiday decorations, with funny tributes to Katrina. Some folks even made the effort when their homes were destroyed.

In Plaquemines Parish, only a handful of FEMA trailers have Christmas lights. Some people used generators to power their lights last year. Now they say its not worth the expense.

There aren't many tourists in the French Quarter. In fact, Royal Street was nearly deserted Sunday. There are lines at some restaurants but most don't take reservations and have limited hours because they can't find workers.

It doesn't feel like Christmas in Louisiana. But then they haven't lit the bonfires yet....
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aimee said...

This makes me really sad. To me it reflects the failure of our country to back up its promises-we're all about the media show- and now....
Patricia Arquette (sp?) said it.. after the hurricane- the excitement is over-and now the people still need help-loss of hope is the beginning of death.

aimee said...
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