Monday, September 19, 2016

The Phantom Strikes Again

I am a human weather vein. Ever since I was injured I can feel a change in the weather the moment it arrives. It usually takes the form of phantom pain in my amputated leg and it usually feels like an ice pick stabbing my left "foot".

Today it was remarkably different, and a bit scary. The pins and needles started in my left arm and ran down to my leg. I thought it was a stroke or a blood clot.

I paced my apartment, doing at least 100 laps before I collapsed, exhausted.

The tingling never stopped. In fact, I could feel my left leg down to the toes. I could feel tendons, muscles working, all of the bones in my foot and each of my toes with every step. In my right foot, which is my own, I couldn't feel a thing. But its protected by layers of orthotics in my boot.

This sensation in my amputated leg was a first. And not particularly pleasant.

The Phantom Pain usually lasts minutes. It has now been two hours.

Now my own foot is aching from all of the walking.

Not the perfect way to start the week.

At the Pentagon you clock about 3 miles a day walking. And I'm already tired..

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