Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still working on walking

I am being fitted for a new Super Brace, developed in San Antonio. Hopefully it will take some of the pressure off my right foot and not only elminate much of my pain but allow me to put off surgery for some time. There are skeptics, including one man who joked, 'why put off the inevitable'? Meaning amputation, which most eventually opt for.

I don't want to lose my other leg. And I think, as fast as they're developing new technologies they may come up with something in the future (ankle replacement).


Oldfool said...

I wonder how that defeatist man feels about death, after all it is inevitable. If it were his leg how would he react? Maintain your hope.
I have a very good friend that has a shoulder replacement. A few short years ago that wasn't done. I can remember when hip replacements were a thing far in the future. Now they are routine. Hips, hearts, kidneys, livers, lung, hands are all being replaced so why not ankles.
I personally am looking forward to brain replacement. I know a few who need it including myself.
Hang in there and keep those of us in you cheerleading team informed.

Moonpie said...

I know someone who just had a shoulder replacement and told me the PT was absolutely mind-boggling brutal.And he felt guilty complaining to me. You do what you gotta do. I get it. My new private PT, outside of Walter Reed, is pounding me so hard I don't think I'll survive some days. But she's a former dancer, former anorexic, and skilled therapist who was the first to say to me, "you're gonna walk".