Monday, January 10, 2011

The new life

It's really tough out here! I wake up at 4a still and there are no squirrels to feed. I am back to urban living. I miss Ed, Walter, Itchy, Twitchy and Fatty.

I miss the guys even more. My team of amputees (the guys I lived on Ward 57 with) have evacuated Mologne House and they're all doing well. One is teaching at West Point, one is an EOD expert in Pensacola, one has enrolled in college here in DC and is making straight A's despite some recent health setbacks, and one is working on IED research at the Pentagon.

I'm so proud of my boys. They still inspire me. They are rock stars.

But its tough. The days are long, the pain is pounding and I never seem to feel rested. Everything I do requires every ounce of energy I can muster. But hopefully it will get better.

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Kt said...

Well, I can't wait to bring some fun times and catching up to your 'new life' THIS WEEKEND! Ahhh!!!