Friday, November 19, 2010

It's scary out there

Raleigh, the dog, in his Halloween costume. We dressed him up as a panhandler with a sandwich board that said "will work for food". We hung a cup from his neck. Shortly after this photo was taken, he ate it.

One soldier used his prosthetic leg to offer the kiddies candy on Halloween.

Another Amputee Soldier said he didn't need to dress up: "I AM a Halloween costume"

They finally labeled boxes of boots someone left for us at the hospital with signs that read "single boots only". Someone really thought it would be helpful to donate only single boots? What are we supposed to wear on the other "foot"? Real or fake it still needs a boot!

I went home hunting today. I can't afford anything. And even more frustrating...all of the homes here seem to have basements and attics. Space I'm not ever likely to use. Why climb flights of stairs? It's going to be a painful search. In more ways than one.

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Emmy said...

I love Raleigh's Halloween costume :) So creative; and I love that he would eat the cup :P

Best of luck on your search for a place to live.