Friday, August 20, 2010


I have such mixed feelings about the departure of the last combat brigade. I spent so much time in the country, from the days just after the invasion through 2009. I saw so much violence. So much craziness. I always figured I would die there. I traveled to Diyala, Mosul, the Syrian border, the "belts of Baghdad" and the border with Iran. I traveled in Humvees, Strykers, MRAPs, Helos and Ospreys.

Now because I was blown up in Afghanistan I've missed the Big Story. I think that will make it hard to ever have any closure on Iraq.

The guys here, and some of them were injured in Iraq, have barely mentioned the developments.

I was having brain tests as the Strykers were rolling across the border in to Kuwait. And oddly had a headache all day.

Wish I'd been there instead of here...


Oldfool said...

When you are ready to actively participate again and you will get to that, there will still be a war. There will still be a war 1000 years after that if there are still people.
In my life I have seen WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous skirmishes not classed as war but where people were killed just the same. I have not seen a time when arms were not carried and used. Politicians and those who fall for it just call it something else.
If there are aliens somewhere cataloging the various species in the Universe I'm sure that under the heading of "Humans" the first description will be "Warlike".

Loyalist said...

You were there for the really big story. What happened yesterday is anticlimax because It's not finished there. It's not closed. Nobody has closure. And there is more to come.