Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another anniversary

I have ventured away from Walter Reed for my first story on the road. I have a wonderful assistant who is helping with the driving, the producing, the running around.

I was so nervous before leaving I thought I would vomit but I made it down to New Orleans for the 5th anniversary of Katrina. We spent all afternoon in Plaquemines Parish talking to people and it reminded me why I have always loved this place. You walk with a cane? So what. The people here are so unique no one notices something like that.

They've also reminded me that everyone has challenges. But being a part of New Orleans is like belonging to a special club of misfits. Funny, wacky, fatalistic but life-loving misfits.

We have a poll today on whether New Orleans will ever recover from Katrina. It will recover like I will. Missing some parts, mourning that loss, but moving on...with a tad more character.


In The Wind Adventures of William and Mary Ann said...

You go girl! So glad that you're able to be out and about. Looking forward to reading more.
Mary Ann

Emmy said...

So wonderful that you're getting out! Keep on going :) And you're right--the experences that drastically change us, but don't kill us can only make us stronger. And you are a very strong woman. I honestly don't know if I would be able to hang on like you do. You're awesome!

Spockgirl said...

Thank you for posting a reply to my comment earlier. I would hazard a guess that many people don't think about these things UNTIL it directly effects their own lives. Whether it is war or mother nature's fury, when the battle itself is done or the storm is over, there is a sense of relief, and a sense that everything is better, that everyone is safe, but that is rarely the case, and many do not see beyond that, and because of this, thoughts do tend to fade. Whatever you do, you are already well on your way to change that.
Don't know how else to say this but to revert to my youth and say... you rock.

Marilyn LeBlanc said...

Glad to hear your down home. Give the city a big hug for me.


Oldfool said...

You're practically in my neighborhood
(50 miles to Bayou Blue)

The Browns Of NYC said...

l o v e it.

Moonpie said...

I love the sound of that..."Bayou Blue"

A cajun cooked us dinner last night. Catfish from Des Allemands, jambalaya (brown), bread pudding and garlic bread. Five days down here and I'm five pounds heavier

Oldfool said...

Resistance is futile.

Laurie said...

New Orleans is a wonderful place to heal. It's an oxymoron, because it's full of wounded people. I should know. I was there when Katrina came 'round. I was there before, too when I was a mess emotionally. New Orleans likes people. Any kind. Especially people with problems of any sort. Sandra Bullock is choosing uptown New Orleans to start a new life. Remember me? The sister who was burned badly? She started over in NOLA too at a 99% Black University. She was white, but mostly red from burn injuries. They loved her anyway. Take care, Moonpie. Life is good, sometimes.