Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Weekend

It was so hot by 9a, it was difficult to be outside. So many of us remain in our rooms, watching TV. I should be walking on my new leg (a Mod3) but I'd rather chill in the chair.

More than a dozen new "patients" have arrived at Walter Reed. Civilian nurses and aides are often called on to perform tasks that used to be reserved for doctors. Like washouts (to prevent or kill infections in our stumps). Everyone is working overtime I'm told. I've never heard any of the doctors or aides complain.

I've met some of the new guys here at Mologne House. One was hit in Wardak, the province bordering Logar where we got blown to pieces. I told him I'd heard Warkak was even more dangerous and he said "you're the one who lost your leg". Wink.

At Bethesda, they opened a new building for incoming. A lot of the Marines were forced to go to the ceremony this week. It was a long, brutally hot day and most of them resented having to make the trip. It wasn't about their guys, who they'd do anything for. The ceremony, they said, was about a building and they could care less.

The Marine Liaison has been very kind to me. He worried I was always alone and invited me to show up for formation. I told him the ONLY advantage to being a civilian here is not having to wake up early for that.

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Laurie said...

Resting your leg, eh? Good line.