Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walking on the Moon

I walked on grass and gravel for the first time today. The grass was easier than I expected. You never know where that hole will appear but at least it's soft if you fall. The gravel, that was another story. My ankle and knee got a real workout as I was slipping and sliding over the rocks. And to go down there would have hurt like hell.

But I needed to do it. Most military bases have gravel. Even healthy I hated it, but it was unavoidable.

I walked thirty minutes with a belt attached (and my therapist on the other end) but it felt like hours.


Emmy said...

Kudos for getting out there and taking those steps, even though it was difficult. That makes it all the more comendable; that you did it anyway, even though it was hard for you and you didn't want to do it.

fifi mahoney said...

I watched a baby the other night. She's about 11 months old and just learning to walk. She must have fallen 20 times in the few minutes I watched her - granted, she 1)had on a diaper that padded her, 2)doesn't have far to fall, 3)was on carpet...but the thing that was so astonishing was how she kept getting up. What is it about human nature that makes us keep getting up even though we get knocked down? I can't get the image of this baby out of my head - a video of her should be in wikipedia under determination....and she was smiling the whole time. You have that baby inside you....she is unstoppable.