Sunday, May 9, 2010

Maybe it's just me...

My stomach hurts over Hamid Karzai's visit to Walter Reed and Arlington National cemetery this week. One soldier's mother just said to me, "I hope he makes it out of here alive". Karzai writes an editorial in today's Washington Post that he wants to pay tribute to Americans who have fought in his country.

A more fitting tribute would be cleaning up his act.

The three men arrested in connection with my bombing had an Afghan official's phone number on their cell phone. The Afghan government demanded the U.S. release one of the men, even though they were all clearly guilty. Not just for wounding me. The U.S. soldier next to me was killed. His murder made August the deadliest month for American troops since the invasion of Afghanistan.

Two of the bombers, I mean suspects, had been freed at last check. I'm sure the other is skipping his way to weekly Taliban meetings now.

I'm very anxious to see the reaction of troops here to Karzai's visit. But it will also be hard to watch. I am having difficulty just thinking about it.

From CBS News Correspondent David Martin's story in August:

Lt. Col. Tom Gukeisen told CBS News three men were arrested after a search by the Afghan army brought in suspects with evidence on their hands.

"There were three individuals there that had explosives three times the normal limit or tolerance levels for TNT," Gukeisen said.

David Martin watched as a team of investigators boarded a helicopter carrying the physical evidence, including fingerprints, that could convict the three men of murdering an American soldier and wounding a U.S. citizen -- except one of the bombers had a cell phone with a number to the Ministry of Defense in Kabul. That might explain why a letter arrived from the Ministry saying they'd arrested the wrong man.

"We think he was tied to the Ministry of Defense," Gukeisen said. "Someone in that office that began to put political pressure."

The three are still in U.S. custody and could be put on trial. But U.S. officers say there will be neither justice nor security -- no matter how many American troops -- if the central government pulls strings for roadside bombers.


Marianne said...

No, it's not just you. If the amputee guard won't work, how 'bout hanging a sign on the front door that says, "Gone Fishing," or "Closed for Cleaning" or "Get Lost, You Unfeeling, Posturing Bastard! (And the Spineless U.S. Government Flunkies You Rode In On). I suggest this be accompanied by a picture of a "bird."

Moonpie said...

I like that idea. A lot. Especially your last line. And I have crayons. I cannot believe the insensitivity on the part of the military to allow this. At Arlington, they'll be rollin' in their graves