Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When company is NOT a good thing

A soldier came outside to burn one on his way to the hospital and said when he'd returned to his room yesterday there were military types inside going through his things. He thought his room was being searched for drugs, but they claimed they were preparing for a ......ROOMMATE!! And, not to worry, but the new guy's on WATCH.

My soldier friend, who has all four limbs but beauty issues after the bomb blew up in his face, was very concerned when the new roomie arrived and said he was on a mental watch list. Pretty Boy got all of thirty minutes sleep last night, afraid the guy was going to jump out of bed and try to kill him. He says he wishes he had drugs to block all of this out. But I told him 'bad'd just have to suffer from that later'.


Marianne said...

Gotta love the military mind - one brilliant idea after another!

GatorGirl said...

Poor guy--now is not the time to watch shows with Jack Nicholson in them...(the shining...)

Susannah1214 said...

I didn't realize they would put two people in those little rooms- how awful.