Friday, April 16, 2010


Wait! What do I care that it's Friday?

The second most annoying question at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is "what are you doing this weekend?"

The MOST annoying question is "how was your weekend?"

You understand.

Anyway....I'm wheeling to OT this morning, barely moving the wheelchair and feeling old and tired, when who should come walking down the hall....? Doctor Shawen! Foot and Ankle Surgeon! Also, an incredibly wonderful person. I haven't seen him in months so it strikes me immediately that this encounter is fateful.

He actually kneels down next to my wheelchair, pulls out a piece of paper and draws me a picture of my foot and ankle, explaining to me as he's drawing what's going on inside me. Tragically one of my fractures is a 5 on a scale of one to 4. That sucks. BUT...there is hope for me and it doesn't necessarily involve surgery. Yet. Heel wedges, orthodics, special shoes...all this I can do! Old age is just around the corner so I'll be better prepared than most!

I guess what struck me most about all of this is A) Doc Shawen is one of the surgical rock stars who deserves the praise soldiers heap on him B) Doc Shawen can talk about a bone implant like it's the most simple procedure on Earth--but hey, this is Walter Reed C) I won't have to give up just yet.

When I asked him if I'm going to walk on this foot he said, simply, "that's the goal".

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