Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweating to the oldies

So you're wearing this thick green liner that fits underneath your prosthetic to keep it snug...and it's 90 degrees outside. And you start to sweat. And sweat. The liner starts slipping on your skin. That means you're in danger of your leg popping off. That would suck. AND its dangerous to others! Prosthetic limbs weigh a few pounds. (We're not supposed to wear them on rides at Disney World.)

So what do you do? The experts recommend a good dose of powder for the summer.

We're all gonna smell like baby butts...


Marianne said...

Have you tried (or do you even have a way of getting) cornstarch? It's often used as a substitute for baby powder and shouldn't have any smell. Let me know if you can't find any and I'll send you a box to try.

Moonpie said...

I will ask the docs if that's okay. Some of the soldiers use scent-free deodorant on their stumps as well