Friday, April 9, 2010

Some fresh air

What a storm we had last night, with lightning and thunder. It was a great show. And this morning we're all back in our "hoodies" sitting by the outdoor fire, smoking. After the brutal heat of the past few days it's a nice change.

I worked out for hours yesterday. I rode my horse, Minnie, at Fort Myer. Minnie and I trotted for the first time, without our "side guard". And I didn't even fall off. Riding is hard with only one leg and the soldiers also warned me Minnie is a bouncy ride when she trots. They were right. Thank goodness for her very wide body. I don't have much upper leg strength but my thighs were gripping with everything I had.

The MATC at Walter Reed offers yoga on certain days. It was the perfect way to stretch out after riding.

I would really love to do Tai Chi. I bet the guys here would, too. I wonder if anyone in the DC area would consider volunteering their time?

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