Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's HOT

Tough sloggin' the wheelchair with the temperatures already approaching 90 and not a breeze around.

Some buzz about Herbert's column in the NY Times today. About time. I've been bitching about this for weeks. See link to the right.

We are all hanging in there. One soldier desperately needs an NMA (non medical attendant). He has TBI (traumatic brain injury) and doesn't know how to find someone to help him. We were all trying to come up with ideas last night. If these "pro troops" groups really wanted to help wounded warriors, they would come see them, ask what they need, and provide it. Instead, all they do is hold up signs outside Walter Reed on Friday nights. Silly. And a waste of time and effort.

This soldier has a head injury. He can't even remember his appointments, or what the doctors tell him. He needs someone to help him. He also, I suspect, needs some company. Sometimes he rambles on as if he hasn't had anyone to talk to. Another soldier, one who has been here longer than any of us, is suffering through his brother's departure. He said to me..."you just need someone to connect with". He is broken-hearted. And I understand.


Paradox13VA said...

How would one come and ask? Is there a process or protocol for doing so?

Moonpie said...

You might check with Wounded Warriors for some direction but if it was me, I'd just show up and hang out in the back of Mologne House (where most of the amputees are living) and talk to soldiers and Marines. They're a really friendly bunch and you'd learn a lot. Smoking not required but that's where they congregate to "burn one"