Wednesday, March 10, 2010

War Weary addicts

Sometimes you're just so tired you can't keep your eyes open. I can't roll my wheelchair. I sit and stare at the way ahead and think I'll never do it. Though I always do somehow.

Other times you can't wake up in the mornings, or some soldiers get to PT and fall asleep on the physical therapy mats. Sometimes the therapists just let them sleep.

Today I'm so tired I can't sleep.

I'm trying to get off the meds they put me on. The night fevers and chills are awful. The bed gets soaked, and then you shiver uncontrollably because you're lying on damp sheets. Methadone sucks. Lyrica and Syraquel do, too. Some of the guys vomit when they're coming off the pills. I begged the doctors at the hospital not to put me on so many meds. But they wouldn't listen. Now I'm paying a big price. Everything hurts. I'm so weary.


EFMoriarty said...

you sure do well even with all those meds!I am so impressed with your walking!!

Marilyn LeBlanc said...

They'll gradually get you off the meds...and it will be a good day..try and keep your spirits up..
I'll be out there early summer to visit...pic of Thomas on the way..