Friday, February 12, 2010

A sunny friday

It is a beautiful Friday and all the soldiers are rushing to the hospital to get in their therapies and appointments before yet another long weekend. I was so lucky to get re-cast for a socket, a process that happens every month or so when your "stump" shrinks or adjusts and your prosthetic no longer fits as it should. I'll have to wait, tho, to get the new leg.

Everyone seems in a much better mood. The soldiers, and their wives, are happy to get out of Mologne House and the therapists, who also got a taste of cabin fever over the past few days. It was so bad I envied people who got to shovel out their cars. Lucky them!

The snow is beautiful but painful in that you can't actually get out and enjoy it in a wheelchair. The snow piles up at curbs making it impossible to wheel to the hospital, so we have to take the bus. You don't notice these things until you're in a chair yourself.

Roses always help. Thanks B for the beautiful flowers in my room.