Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soldiers and cars

One of the young soldiers, a bi-lateral (meaning both legs lost), has just gotten his new car. It has hand controls, and he's looking for a light weight wheelchair to haul into the car after he's seated. What a huge accomplishment that most people wouldn't even know about. I'm so happy for him.

The hospital was open for business today, post snowstorm and President's Day holiday. Really...did we need another paid government holiday? Even government workers are complaining they do little actual work.

I went to the hospital "clinic" today. Several of the doctors commented on how thin I look. There's little appetizing out there, I told them. The meds are smashing me. I try to stop them, and get slammed with hot flashes and nightmares and anxiety. I take them and they zap my appetite.

I'm not sure the answer.