Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowy DC

Many of us went to the hospital this morning to get one last workout before we're snowed in (for God knows how long). It was brutal for me. An upper body workout so intense one soldier joked I'd pay a New York trainer $1,000 bucks for the honor. Then my prosthetic pretty much gave out. Now I have to wait til next week to get it fixed and walk on it.

We're all sitting outside waiting now for the snow to stick, celebrating small victories. One soldier had his colostomy bag removed and had his first poop. His mother was fist pumping between drags on her cigarette.

None of the staff here wants to stay with us this weekend. The cafeteria will be bleak.

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Marilyn LeBlanc said...

Cami....I've been trying to talk to you for sometime now..please let me know how you're doing. I read your blog and I didn't know you have a prosthetic piece. Is it your leg? I'd like to send you something and I haven't been able to find out where...I can relate to being trapped in a hospital during a snowstorm..March '03..stem cell me this weekend if you can...would love to talk to you...lyn