Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A US combat outpost in Kherwar, Logar Province, eastern Afghanistan

Our ride

The combat outpost in Kherwar

The village of Kherwar, Logar Province

Our gear at the US outpost, a former school shot up by the Taliban

Sandbags, gym rings and a flag...all you could want

Moon dust and dirty boys

Afghans collect the ballots to take to the small village of Kherwar

The Americans watch, telling the Afghans they don't want to touch the ballots

The US provides military transport for the Afghans

Gen. Stanley McChrystal visits Baraki Barak and talks to the locals

LTC Gukeisen and Col Haight after a shura. Gook puts his boots back on

LTC Gook and his helo

An IED hit on a civilian vehicle. We come with the body bags

82nd Special Troops talk to the locals north of Kabul about roadside bombs. They claim they hate the Taliban and know nothing of bombs

Sgt. Matt Clark and the 82nd Special Troops near Bagram

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