Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Iraq and Afghanistan for Christmas

Arriving in Afghanistan aboard the Gulf Stream

The new Iraqi Navy and Coast Guard in Um Qasr, southern Iraq

An Iraqi-American soldier

The amazing Osprey

Inside the cockpit, heading into Baghdad

The view from the cockpit of a C130 into Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

The cockpit--avoiding mountains and other planes

The helos for southern Afghanistan

The view from the helo in Helmand Province, Afghanistan

A remote Marine camp along the border with Syria

Boarding the C130 in southern Afghanistan

Marine Commandant, Gen. James Conway

Marine Gen. Ron Johnson

Gen. Richard Zilmer, based at Okinawa, on the way to Kuwait from Afghanistan

The Commandant talks to Marines at a remote base in southern Afghanistan

A Town Hall in Farah Province, southern Afghanistan

Just miles from the Syrian border, in Iraq

All they want for Christmas....is the capture of Osama bin Laden

The Commandant and Sgt. Maj. Kent serve Christmas dinner to the Marines at TQ Air Field in Iraq

A "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree in southern Afghanistan