Sunday, March 4, 2007

What you don't miss about Baghdad but it stays with you anyway

I woke up to a car bombing. It was a big boom that vibrated the room. The sound is low pitched and rumbling. When there are storms in Baghdad we sometimes mistake the thunder for a distant car bomb. So you stop and listen for what comes next. If there's no gunfire, it's thunder. But sometimes the Iraqis are confused by it, too, and start firing just in case.

In the seconds that followed this bomb, I didn't hear gunfire but I did realize I had been asleep and it was a dream. Just like the one that woke me up yesterday morning. Both dreams felt like the bombs we had near our compound in Baghdad recently.

They also occured at about the same time. Midnight in New York. 8 a.m. Baghdad time. That's usually when the first car bomb of the day explodes.

So now I have an internal alarm clock set to go off with the first morning blast. I wonder how long it will take to get back on New York time.

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