Saturday, February 24, 2007

There's always time to spruce up the place

It has been such a beautiful day. There is a lovely breeze, the birds are singing. I was out on my balcony to enjoy it and two things caught my eye.

First, I spotted what looked to be three bodies floating down the Tigris River. Peacefully bobbing along...

Second, the Iraqis have painted their guard post nearby.

As I write this, Ahmed (one of our drivers) is painting my hallway, despite the fact he has been on duty for many hours already. And earlier today, as I walked the dogs, I noticed three of our Iraqis were frantically washing cars. Because Iraqis don't do anything frantically, it occured to me that they are perhaps going after mundane tasks with such gusto because they're trying as hard as they can to blank out the constant explosions, shootings and chaos around them.

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