Friday, February 16, 2007

Borkon's new condo

It rained heavily last night and Borkon was out in the elements. He can't live in the hooch with Flo because she'd eat him.

So, this morning, two Iraqi guards and I constructed a house for him. It is made out of a plastic table (with broken legs), and is walled by old, moldy sheet rock we found. We covered some of the mud where he lays in black carpeting, similar to astroturf.

Then we threw his bone inside.

Then it started raining.

We all chanted at him "house, Borkon, house,...."

But he just stood there in the rain staring at us like we'd gone stark raving mad.

1 comment:

rima said...

well, you are crazy..
but i wanna see a photo of Borkon! and what kind of name is that anyhow? sounds like borat!