Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Southern Baghdad and a Sunni insurgency

The boys of Charlie Company, 1st-40th CAV, patrolling Arab Jabour in the Tigris River valley. They patrol by foot. There were two sniper shots as we patrolled. Both gunmen got away, although the U.S. soldiers pursued the first one, and opened fire with machine guns. The insurgents hide in the date palm groves. Sometimes the U.S. forces use tanks to simply bulldoze the groves. The latest insurgent tactics involve stringing Christmas lights across road, as IED activators. Or they hide bombs in sandbags, which look as if they've been pushed about on the road by U.S. vehicles. The Charlie Company was specially trained to conduct reconnaisance missions, searching out snipers and insurgents. They're mostly alone in this fight. Arab Jabour is Sunni. Iraqi Security Forces are mainly Shiite and rarely venture in.

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